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write a 2-page reflection paper examining your own self-awareness in regards to bias and how this may impact your practice. In order to be culturally competent and uphold ethical principles it is important to be able to identify areas of potential bias and process through these. The paper should discuss the following:

  • Choose a specific population (culture, ethnicity, race, social group, etc.) that you feel you hold a bias towards.
  • Identify the particular stereotypes and thoughts you may have regarding the population
  • Identify at least two possible sources of influence that may have attributed to your thinking regarding this population.
  • As you become more self-aware what are some ways you may be able to process through this bias and resolve thoughts and feelings directed toward this population.
  • Ultimately do you feel that you will be able to work with this population in the future? Why or why not? If not how do you think you will be able to handle this in future practice.

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