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Objective: If you have done little or no programming, show that you have learned to write a small Python program. This could include modifications of a previously written program. If you have some programming experience, show me you can use Python to write programs. One possibility would be to rewrite programs written in some other language (Java, C++, something else) in Python, and comment on the differences in using the different languages.

Do something in Python 3. Your assignment consists of three parts:

  1. Your source code. Something in some version of Python 3 (3.1, 3.2, 3.2.5, whatever).
  2. Your results; what happens when you run it? This could be a printout, one or more screenshots, something to show that it works.
  3. One-half page or more of your comments about the assignment. These are comments about what you thought about the assignment, not specifically about how the program works. The comments can be typed, handwritten, anything I can read.

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