Social Issues in Marketing Quiz # (10 questions)

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To be successful with this key corporate social responsibility (CSR) stakeholder, a company’s CSR program must consider and react to trends and shifts in these stakeholders’ values.

a. Management

b. Marketplace

c. Customers

d. Society

e. Employees


Strategic efforts to supply consumers with environmentally friendly merchandise are called

a. the green generation.

b. green marketing.

c. the inconvenient truth.

d. earth marketing.

e. reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Which of the following is an example of greenwashing?

a. A hotel encouraging the reuse of towels for environmental reasons when the hotel does not have a recycling program

b. Marriott’s golf courses becoming Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries

c. A hotel focusing on eco-tourism that invests in carbon offsets that offset their overall energy usage

d. Marriott’s success in working toward its pledge to reduce energy and water consumption by 20 percent by 2020

e. Hotels adopting green practices to attract corporate meeting planners who prefer hotels that meet basic eco-friendly standards and offer green meetings


Hotels that focus on eco-tourism and promise carbon-neutral practices and investment in carbon offsets while offsetting only a fraction of their overall energy use are engaged in

a. quadreactive advertising.

b. environmental exaltation.

c. enviromarketing.

d. greenwashing.

e. virtual greening.


The move by consumers to green products appears to be

a. limited to a small number of products that are environmentally friendly.

b. appears to be growing.

c. a passing fad that will decline substantially in the next two years.

d. a mature movement that will see no increase in consumption or introduction of green products.

e. too new to identify trends.


Some companies have been accused of taking advantage of the current trend in green marketing, positioning their products as environmentally friendly when this may not actually be the case. This is called

a. red marketing.

b. greenwashing.

c. greenbaiting.

d. fake greening.

e. green puffery.


The voluntary actions companies take to address the ethical, social, and environmental impacts on its business operations and the concern of its stakeholders is known as

a. Corporate greenwashing initiatives

b. Corporate enhancement

c. Corporate economic initiatives

d. Corporate social responsibility

e. Corporate environmental spending


For a company to undertake a corporate social responsibility program recognized by consumers, the company

a. can address ethical, social, and environmental impacts on its business operations.

b. must primarily be directed by what consumers might recognize as worthwhile.

c. must focus primarily on fossil fuel consumption.

d. must focus primarily on reducing water usage.

e. should look exclusively at recycling.


When companies engage in cause-related marketing, they partner with _____ to help provide benefits to society.

a. investment firms

b. universities

c. shipping companies

d. government agencies

e. charities


Corporations demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility to this group of stakeholders by providing a safe work environment.

a. Marketplace

b. Management

c. Society

d. Employees

e. Customers

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