Strayer Why You Cant Afford Not to Hire Dedicated Resources Discussion & Reponses

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You are now deciding on resources for a project team. Some of the resources you are planning to add reside outside of the US. You selected them because of their expertise with similar projects. You were able to convince your project sponsor on a structure, but he is not sold on dedicated resources. Using information from the readings, which set of resources will you choose? Or, will you choose a combination of both? Why?



Dedicated or non-dedicated resources are of great importance in project development and management. Both resources are evaluated based on the following aspects, namely: commitment & dedication, skills & expertise, price, and quality. 

From the quality perspective or aspect, the quality of work done by non-dedicated or dedicated resources are different.  For instance, in dedicated resources, the team working on the product are capable of watching its quality grows as well as responding to the challenges in an efficient manner.  With continuous execution of quality in the dedicated resources has been making an achievement process smooth as well as achieving the preferred quality. The non-dedicated resources usually are assigned and work on the short project, which they don’t rely on the progress This makes it hard to see and watch the quality of progress.

Additionally, from the price aspect, both resources are affordable, but shared or non-dedicated resources are more affordable than dedicated resources, thus it helps in cost-saving. More so, in terms of skills & expertise, the knowledge in the non-dedicated resources is more superficial than knowledge of the dedicated resources. Additionally, despite dedicated resources not being powerful, they not only offer multiple areas of expertise but also masters the knowledge needed as well as caring about the business needs and aim. 

Although, the commitment and dedication that the dedicated resources can give is because they are full committed to the company and business and work exclusively on the company’s project and not shared with others.

To sum up, based on the findings concerning the two resources, that is, dedicated or non-dedicate resources both are helpful from different perspectives, and therefore, there is a need of combining both during project development and management. The combination is helpful since non-dedicated resources are more affordable than dedicated resources, dedicated resources are fully committed compared to non-dedicated resources, and in terms of expertise, the non-dedicated resources are more superficial than dedicated resources.

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Hello All,

The assignment units will not be influenced by default scheduling with fixed duration and entering work or vice versa, fixed work and entering duration. These will stay at 100%, which can be considered a full-time or committed task.

A non-dedicated assignment happens when the resource is not committed to a job, for example when the resource performs two or more assignments in parallel due to waiting times on both assignments.

Time, expertise and cost are vital to the determination of a project’s capital. Likewise, the three variables are determined by the distribution of different activities to the workers. A full-time dedicated staff, for example, does not cost much, and requires more time and professional skills to complete the project. The manager may also consider allocating part of the project to a part-time staff in such a scenario, as they have interchangeable skills. Therefore, the choice of both full-time and part-time resource staff team is better. Both management teams can assist the project manager in assessing the level of performance and expense and in shortening time. The manager shall regulate the time and activities allocated to the employees.


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