SU Expanding the Scope of The Project Discussion and Replies

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You have now completed the charter for your office relocation project. The Project Sponsor wants to expand the scope of the project, but you are hesitant to do so per the constraints in place. One reason the sponsor is looking to expand the scope is because of a financial incentive for him. Discuss why increasing the scope of this project is not a good idea. If you must increase scope, what additional considerations (i.e., costs, timeline) must be given to accomplish this scope change?


Hello Class! Welcome to Week 3!!

It is evident altering the scope when the project is in progress is not a good idea. It is not a noble idea since project planning helps in determining the resources, time lines, and requirements for a project to be completed successfully. Scope changes cause adjustments to be made to the constraints of the project, considering the time, money and resources. Completing the project in timely manner due to the increase of project requirements. If there is a change in scope with no additional resources or funds this will jeopardize the successful completion of our project. Having the resources available for extended time may hinder the completion as well, there are other projects in the wings and these resources maybe having to move on to their next project, as soon as completion of this one is done. This would affect other projects down the line with resources and their time line.  If we absolutely must increase the scope, which I highly don’t recommend, we need to discus resources that will be available and their time line, as well as what the cost would be. I would recommend keeping within the scope and push as hard as we can to get this completed on the time line, within the budget and with the resources we have currently.

Just my suggestions and thoughts on scope change.

Have a great week!



Hello All,

Scope refers to the detailed set of project deliverables or features. Such deliverables are extracted from the demands of a project. Increasing the scope of this project is not a good idea because of the restrictions on tight deadlines and project charter conditions in place. The scope of the project dictates what work the project needs to complete, and the resources are allocated to complete the work within the timeframe accordingly. The Project Manager must recognize that this project’s scope has been completed and that his proposal is removed from scope / project. If we had to increase scope, I would suggest discussing the costs and customer timelines. If it is manageable, ten we would go for it.


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