Temple University Climate Change And US Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement Essay

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Each student must submit a persuasive essay (aka argument essay). The document must be at least 5-pages (1.5 spacing, size 12, Times New Roman font, standard margins, no excessive spaces between sections or other tricks ), plus a bibliography (which does not count toward your three-page goal). Please submit a Word document or PDF.

Pick an environmental topic of your choice, and spend time researching and considering it (don’t just read one or two articles, dig into it). Using logic and reason, demonstrate that your stance/idea is more legitimate than the contrary. Persuade me (the reader) to adopt your point of view.

Your paper should include the following (you don’t have to include these at titles, but you’re welcome to if you prefer):

Part 1: Summarize the issue

Part 2: State your argument. Address at least four reasons why you feel the way you do about the issue, and support each reason with facts/details that you came across in your research. You probably want to do a short paragraph per short reason.

Part 3: Play devil’s advocate and address the opposing argument. State at least three counter points someone might try to make if they oppose your issue. Again, provide details for each – probably want to do a short paragraph for each opposing argument. Explain why each of those opposing points are not valid (again with facts/details). If some of the opposition’s points ARE valid, explain why they don’t deter you from feeling the way you do about the issue.

Part 4: Close it out with your conclusions on the issue.

Part 5 (on a separate page that does not count toward your 5-page-minimum): Work cited, MLA format (although I won’t deduct points if it’s not perfect MLA format, I just want to see details like author, title, source, date, etc.).


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