The objective of this project is to develop an audiovisual presentation on how technology can be applied to solve an organizational problem within an Internet of Things (IoT) framework.Approach the pr

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  • The objective of this project is to develop an audiovisual presentation on how technology can be applied to solve an organizational problem within an Internet of Things (IoT) framework.
  • Approach the project as if you are recommending a technology implementation initiative to your chosen organization’s technology planning committee.
  • The presentation will have three sections, listed below. Each section will require a PowerPoint slide deck. Individual sections will be delivered in Modules 2, 4 and 6.
  • In Modules 3, 5, and 7, through the discussions, you will provide professional feedback to other members of your assigned team to improve their work and respond to team members’ feedback on your own work.
  • In Module 8, a final narrated audiovisual presentation will be submitted that integrates all three portions of the project. This will also include sections on how you incorporated classmates’ feedback into this final product and how the project has helped prepare you for your chosen career.

The major project sections will be as follows.

  1. Organization Profile and Problem Statement (Due at End of Module 2):

    • Select an existing organization (company, nonprofit, or government entity) as the focus of your project.
    • Identify the main products and services that the organization provides.
    • Analyze these to identify areas that may be improved through the implementation of new or improved technologies within an Internet of Things (IoT) framework.
    • Provide a clear, concise statement of a single problem that you will address with technology.
  2. Technology Selection and Design (Due at End of Module 4):

    • Include problem statement from the previous deliverable for reference.
    • Provide at least two alternatives for addressing the problem identified for the chosen organization.
    • For each potential technology considered, provide an analysis of its operation, availability, cost, implementation issues, and overall benefit to the company. This analysis should include both qualitative and quantitative techniques.
    • Based upon these analyses, select a suitable solution and justify the technology selection.
    • Provide a high-level design (in graphical form) showing how the proposed technology would be applied to solve the identified problem.
  3. Implementation Plan (Due at End of Module 6):

    • Include problem statement and recommended solution slides from previous deliverable for reference.
    • Develop an implementation plan for your technical solution. The plan should include a work breakdown structure and schedule.
    • Describe how the solution will be validated before deployment.
    • Describe how the solution will be evaluated and continuously improved in operation.

Discuss any legal, ethical, and cultural considerations associated with the solution.


A template file will be provided for each deliverable. To complete each deliverable, fill in the required sections with the content for your project.

The final submission will be a narrated audiovisual presentation. This will be a compilation of the slides created previously for each section, incorporating feedback received from classmates and the professor. You will add narration to the slides by either recording directly in PowerPoint or by creating a screencast recording with your slides and narration. For the final presentation, add the following slides to those created previously.

  • Overall title slide: Includes project title, name, course number, session, and date.
  • Overall introduction: Describes the project as a whole and outlining its major sections.
  • Executive summary of the project: A brief overview that describes the problem that you are attempting to solve or the process you are attempting to enhance. The overall solution(s) should be presented, although specific details need not be included.
  • Incorporation of Feedback: Summarize the feedback you received from teammates on each section of the project and describe how you utilized that feedback to improve your final product.
  • Career Readiness: Describe how completing this project has improved your readiness for your chosen career and how will you use the completed project to further your career goals.
  • Overall conclusion: Summarizes the project and any conclusion(s) reached.

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