Thomas Edison State College Army General Martin Dempsey Discussion

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Answer the quests below. At least 150 words each.

1.Genetic testing is getting faster, more accurate, and less expensive. For a few hundred dollars, at companies like, individuals can get a great deal of information about their genetics: their ancestral history, probability of developing diabetes, breast cancer, even susceptibility to addiction or aggression (see the full list). Visit and review the Web site to which we’ve provided a link. The questions you may choose for discussion are about genetic testing and decisions that you can and soon will be able to make.

What would you want to know about your personal genetics?

Would you be interested in knowing about the genetics of a partner, someone with whom you wish to have children?

What about the genetics of your child, either developing in the womb or just born? If you could modify any part of your child’s genetics, would you? Would you consider modifying a child’s intelligence, eye color, sexual orientation, temperament and personality, or disposition to acquire disease or defect (sickle cell, Huntington’s, cystic fibrosis)?

2.As you saw from the readings, Internet access and usage vary widely across the country and across demographic groups. Review this material and, if possible, examine the most recent statistics before answering the following questions:

How do differences in Internet access and usage impact educational opportunities in the United States?

What aspect of the “digital divide” is the most concerning to you and why?

3.One of the sections of this lesson included the following passage:

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies:

Despite the tremendous economic strides made during our current era of globalization, our world is split largely between those who have benefited greatly from globalization and those who have not (many of whom have actually been hurt by it). This challenge will hover over the globalization debate in the years to come, and thus will require a serious re-examination of the global economic system in order to spread its benefits more broadly.

This passage indicates that this challenge will “hover… for years”. However we may not have time to wait on this. Therefore, you, the leading global policy expert in this area, have just been asked to give an interview on the national network news show, “Solutions to Challenges,” where you will be asked to address this issue and formulate concrete solutions for the global community.

The host of the program has been kind enough to give you a few questions that she has identified to be crucial in this area. So perhaps it would be prudent for you to critically assess this issue by addressing these questions:

What are some of the gains from economic integration and globalization which serve to justify the continuance of these trends?

What are some of the key problems that are generated from the widening gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” of the world?

How should a “serious examination of the global economic system” address these problems?

One more thing. Immediately after your interview, the network will air its weekly installment of the program, “Questions, but no Answers,” on which four extremely grumpy analysts on a panel will attempt to tear apart every point that you just made. Therefore, in order to preempt them, in your answer (especially #3) you should:

Clearly lay out a step-by-step explanation of your position.

Not only give your position but note how you reached this position. (Being able to support one’s position is very important in this setting.)

Clearly understand the arguments on the “other side” of your chosen point of view. Needless to say, if you understand the other side, you will be better able to point out why your view is better. You may even want to include such statements as: “Even if “X” is true, I believe that we should still do ”Y” because…”

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