UC Santa Barbara Types of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases Questions

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Preparation sheet for mid-term exam. Professor Minghui Diao

1. What are the electromagnetic waves from shorter to longer wavelengths?

2. What are the five anthropogenic greenhouse gases, their sources, lifetime, and global warming potentials?

3. Why the sky is blue, and why the sunset is red?

4. What are the five steps that explain why greenhouse gases can warm up Earth?

5. What is Stephan-Boltzmann law? And what is Wien’s law? What kind of electromagnetic waves does the Sun

emit? What does Earth emit? Can you use the two physics laws to explain this?

6. What is the surface temperature of Earth, Venus and the Sun?

7. What is absorption, scattering and emission?

8. What wavelength of radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases?

9. Where does most of the shortwave radiation get absorbed when they go into Earth’s system?

10. What is insolation? What is albedo?

11. How does season happen? What is the tilt of Earth’s axis?

12. What is international (SI) unit? Which units do we usually use in the U.S. that are NOT SI unit?

13. What are the main categories for stabilization wedges, and what are the components (name the wedges) in

each main category?

14. What is Keeling curve, and what causes the wiggles in the Keeling curve?

15. What are the three sets of energy balance (or imbalance) equations in the Trenberth’s plots? Remember we

did this in a homework. What is atmospheric window? What are sensible heat and latent heat?

16. What are the forms of energy transmission?

17. What are the physical structure of the atmosphere (layers, thickness, temperature, pressure, altitude, etc.)?

What are the chemical components of Earth’s atmosphere?

18. What causes the difference for surface temperature on Earth and Venus? What is the main cause?

19. What are the scales of motion of the Earth’s atmosphere?

20. What are the differences between climate and weather? Can you name some examples?


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