Unit VII and VIII Discussion Questions LDR 3301-Leadership 1. Unit VII Discussion Board Question Identify a bias you recently experienced, and explain the situation. In hindsight, explain how your d

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Unit VII and VIII Discussion Questions

LDR 3301-Leadership

1.   Unit VII Discussion Board Question

Identify a bias you recently experienced, and explain the situation. In hindsight, explain how your decision or behavior may have been different if you were aware of the bias. Explain how biases of a leader impact organizational performance.

2. Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Part I: Search for a free online emotional intelligence or emotional quotient test, and submit your responses. Discuss whether you scored higher or lower than expected. Explain three areas of self-leadership approaches you think you can strengthen and actions you can take to become stronger.

Part II: How will you be able to apply what you learned in this course to your current or future work?

English Comp

3.  Unit VII Discussion Board Question

In this unit, we have taken a closer look at writing as a craft. We have revisited the writing process and methods for invention, we have examined informal logical fallacies, and we have discussed paragraph cohesion. For this writing, think about your past experiences with writing (which may include the experiences you have had in this course). What advice about writing did you find most helpful? Why? Please explain the context that led to this advice. You may also tell more than one story about your writing experiences. The objective of your discussion is to consider the advice of other writers and how we can always improve our writing by listening to others. Further, you are sharing that advice with your reader by reflecting upon the experience. Remember, as always, that this writing should be a positive and constructive experience for everyone. The idea is that you reflect upon the process so that you understand it, understand yourself as a new student writer, and understand the challenges and successes you experience.

4. Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Congratulations on making it to Unit VIII of the course! This course is part of Columbia Southern University’s general education curriculum and is taken by several students who have an interest in the arts and sciences. CSU continues to expand curriculum and degree program offerings and would like to gain your input on what should be developed in the future. As a student enrolled at CSU, what academic areas are you interested in learning more about during this time of your educational journey? What additional programs would you like to see offered at CSU? If you plan on continuing your education past your current degree program, what program or field would you like to pursue?

Intro to Business

5.     Unit VII Discussion Board Question

After reading about ethics and social responsibility in this unit, do you agree that it is important for an organization to operate both ethically and socially responsible? Why, or why not? Do you think there is a difference between ethics and social responsibility? Why, or why not?

6. Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Thinking back over the entire course, what are some significant lessons you have learned about business management? How well do you feel this course has prepared you for a future role in business

Organizational Communication

7.   Unit VII Discussion Board Question

Discuss the communication strategy employed by Tim Cook as mentioned in the Unit VII Lesson. Do not focus on whether or not you agree with the actions taken by Apple and the U.S. government. Instead, focus on how Cook communicated Apple’s decisions. As a leader, do you think his message was effective for the general public, for his employees, and for his key partners? Do you believe he used the correct channels to send the message? In your opinion, is there any way for the message to be more effective? Explain.

8. Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Discuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of career or life success.

Comparative Health Systems

9.   Unit VII Discussion Board

From the countries that we have learned about in this unit, how should these countries address the issues of maintainability, sustainability, and usability with regard to health care innovation? Please explain.

10. Unit VIII Discussion Board

Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. How might the lessons you have learned positively impact your career success?

Health Care Quality Management

11.   Unit VII Discussion Board Question

There are two parts this this discussion question.

Part I: What do you feel will be the most pressing challenge facing quality in health care over the next 10 years?

Part II: What emerging trend or promising innovation aimed at quality improvement do you feel will either fail to either be implemented or fail to deliver expected results? Offer specific examples and explain your rationale.

12. Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Share one activity or concept covered in this course which you found to be most valuable, and explain why. Then briefly discuss how the material presented in this course will benefit you in your future professional or academic pursuits.


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