University of California Davis Environmental Science Issues Discussion

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  1. the due time is 12/02/2021 11:59pm, pleaase follow the step and provide answer
  2. (a) Calculate the air density, for a pressure of 1013.25 mb and an air temperature of 27oC, using the ideal gas equation. Don’t forget to convert the temperature and pressure to the appropriate units.

(b) Now assume lightning occurs in this air, and initially, that the density you calculated in (a) is still valid. The lighting temperature is 30,000oC. Calculate the pressure using the ideal gas law, given the density in (a) and the temperature of lightning.

(c) Discuss the difference between the pressure you calculated in (b) and the pressure you used in (a). How can this help explain thunder?

2. Consider the map below of a flat field, with a tree, an unlocked, unoccupied car, and an unlocked, unoccupied house. You wake up from a nap, in the positions indicated below, just as a thunderstorm passes overhead, and you feel your hair flying up vertically from the electric field. You might be hit by lightning within a few seconds. Describe what you should do to avoid being hit and/or injured by lightning. Briefly discuss and justify your answer.

a. You are at position “a”

b. You are at position “b”

c. You are at position “c”

d. You are at position “d”

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