University of California Los Angeles Stanford Hospital Case Study

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Discussion 1

Please answer the following questions regarding the Stanford hospital case. 

1. The case provides a set of solutions for solving the process problems in Stanford Hospital (pp. 12 – 14). Consider the process issues discussed earlier in the case. Do you have a preference for one or two solutions in the list? Explain.

2. Refer to the process diagram at the end of the case . How would you redesign the OR process? 

Discussion 2

“This planning document was ignored in 2020 to our detriment” … Change My Mind


Get students to think about how history can teach us, especially when planning for a swan event.  We saw how the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 helped prepare for 9/11.  There is no evidence that studies such as this described in the paper were used to plan for pandemics.  The behaviors of companies was reactive and not proactive.  Convince me I am wrong.  Should we search for documents like this to help us plan?

Discussion 3

What did you find most interesting in Module 3 (terms, concepts, etc.)?

What did you find most interesting in the Quarter 3 Simulation?

– explain using a full paragraph (5-7 sentences, minimum)

Discussion 4

  1. How does Keurig’s strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry? What recommendations can you offer to support Keurig’s growth and profitability objectives?
  2. Apply the VRIO framework to Keurig’s resources/capabilities/competencies.  Did you find any sources of competitive advantage?

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