University of Columbia Smoking Tobacco Leading to Arsenic Intake Discussion

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there is an online book for these questions that can help solve these questions

i need help with these 10 questions environmental health quiz:

1-What is meant by the term environmental policy? Give two examples of environmental policies that have been developed in the United States.

2-Municipal solid waste is not managed in the U.S. by recycling.



3-These types of chemicals can “mimic” hormones and bind to sites intended for hormone binding and cause an inappropriate response.

a.Endocrine disruptors




4-What factors affect the susceptibility of individuals to cancer-causing agents? List 4 factors

5-The following (2) are limitations/weaknesses of the epidemiologic approach.

a.Relatively more expensive




6-Sanitary landfill federal legislation requires the following except:

a.Landfills groundwater must be monitored for specific toxic chemicals

b.Landfills must be monitored 30 years after the closure of the landfill

c.Landfills will have a leachate collection system

d.Landfills do not need liners

7-Why do residents of developing countries suffer more from problems associated with environmental degradation than those who live in developed countries/wealthy nations?

8-________________ is not a criteria air pollutant.

a.Chlorine gas




9-Give three examples of major zoonotic diseases and compare their modes of transmission. Using your own ideas, explain how transmission of these zoonotic diseases might be prevented.

10-Most cancer, in theory is:

a.Caused by smoking




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