University of North Texas What Are the Effects of Fracking on The Environment Discussion

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What are your thoughts on fracking?  Watch the following video.  It has good information on the pros and cons of fracking. (Links to an external site.)

1) In November 2014, the city of Denton, Texas voted to ban fracking within their city limits.  There were interest groups on both sides of the fence and they were all very vocal.  In May of 2015, Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, signed H.B. 40 that in essence says that municipalities can not enact and enforce fracking bans.  Go online, look up the articles on Denton and the fracking ban.  Pick a side.  Are you a “ban fracking” or a “don’t ban fracking” person?  Which side would you have sided with and voted for?  Include at least 3 reasons why you picked the side you did. Be sure to answer in paragraph form. Your original post should be at least 100 words and your replies are expected to be at least 3 to 5 sentences. Be sure to cite the source of your information.

2) Reply to two of your classmates’ posts in a substantive manner.

Post 1:

For this week’s discussion, we dive into the topic of fracking and our opinions about this method of getting fossil fuels. Though there are many benefits, such as saving water and not polluting groundwater, the cons of this particular technique are not the best to save itself as being a good method. Sure many people depend on the jobs, the fact that our planet can only take so much makes this method not good at all. In fact, in Denton, they voted to opt it out was because, “Proponents called the measure a last-ditch effort to address noise and toxic fumes that spew from wells just beyond their backyards, after loopholes and previous zoning decisions rendered changes to the city’s drilling ordinance unenforceable.”

Works Cited…

Post 2:

I would have voted to ban fracking in Denton because it is a method that can cause many disruptions and issues in the environment. One of my primary concerns regarding fracking is the threat of water pollution. There are hundreds of cases in which fracking incidents have led to the contamination of drinking water due to improper practices that cause chemical leakages and toxins to enter the water. Not only can fracking pollute our water sources, but it can also pollute the air that we breathe. While fracking does extract oil and gas, it also emits harmful gases and chemicals, such as methane, that have the potential to cause harm to humans including respiratory issues, skin irritation, birth defects, and more. In addition to the problem of pollution, fracking is also disruptive to the community and environment in general. The methods used in fracking are costly, loud, and can disrupt animal and plant populations. Overall, I believe that fracking is an unstable and harmful practice that should not be allowed in our communities.

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