University of Phoenix Contaminant Scavenger Hunt Paper

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Assignment Content

  1. Access the ATSDR website.
    Find products in your home or items in your surroundings that you are exposed to daily that contain at least 1 contaminant from each category of the following substances (for a total of 10 contaminants):

    • heavy metals
    • harmful solvents
    • volatile organic compounds or vapors
    • pesticides
    • radiation

    Use the Contaminant Scavenger Hunt document to track the information for each contaminant. Complete the assignment in this MS Word document. Do not create a separate document or write a paper.

    • Classify the contaminant as a heavy metal, harmful solvent, volatile organic compound or vapor, pesticide, or radiation.
    • Identify the source or sources of the contaminant. Where does it come from?
    • Where is the product located in the house?
    • Describe how the contaminant affects plants and humans. What are the harmful impacts?
    • What is the route of exposure, meaning how does the actual exposure to the harmful contaminants occur? Examples could be ingestion, inhalation, skin (dermal) exposure, etc.
    • Once inside the body, how is the contaminant transported and distributed? Does it impact certain organs, bones or blood, for example?
    • In the event of a very large, short-term exposure what is the immediate the toxic response, or symptoms?
    • How the contaminant is eliminated from the body or detoxified (processed) in the body?

    Submit your assignment – which is the completed MS Word document.

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