University of Phoenix Waste Management Plan & Waste Regulations Discussion

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Have a group assignment that I need help with. My part is the Part marked for Steven that I have to do. Please make sure it is atleast 400 words long

Read the following scenario, as a Learning Team, to perform an environmental assessment:

Your team works for an environmental consulting firm that has a client who has just purchased a local municipal golf course. There are two issues that they have requested your team to investigate and make recommendations on the following:

  • The golf course property includes several breeding grounds for mosquitoes, including wetlands and retention ponds. Surrounding the golf course perimeter are residential areas. The state has been concerned over several incidences of West Nile Virus (WNV) and your client is interested in controlling mosquito populations in the wetland and pond areas through the use of a pesticide known as Malathion.
  • The previous owners did not manage waste at their facility properly. The facility maintenance area has four 55-gallon drums of unmarked liquids stored behind the maintenance shed, several showing signs of leakage. There are several piles of lime near the maintenance shed; and three cabinets of old paint, spray lubricants and cleaners, solvents, and oily rags with a strong solvent smell that were used in maintaining equipment. The property includes a pro shop and a restaurant and bar where food will be prepared and eaten. ( Krissy can also cover this in her part)

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word report that would make recommendations to the company. The report must include the following:

  • Perform a risk assessment to determine if your team would recommend the use of Malathion for mosquito control. Use the four-step risk assessment model in Ch. 7 of your text in evaluating the risks of using Malathion, and not using Malathion and the associated risk of WNV cases. Include all aspects that may be of interest to your client–the ecological, human health, and short- and long-term economic aspects. -JACOB
  • Conduct a regulatory analysis of any components of the Toxic Substances Control Act or Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act that might need to be considered if your client chooses to use Malathion. -KYLE
  • Develop a brief waste management plan–determine any possible existing non-compliances with waste regulations, provide a list of wastes, their regulatory classification, and your recommendations on how they should be stored and disposed. -STEVEN
  • Include plans for handling the situation in the maintenance barn to comply with federal and state regulations. -KRISSY

OKAY team so we have 2 scenarios and 3 bullets points for each scenario.

So let’s get everyone situated that way you can start whenever.

You are more than welcome to see if any team members want to switch parts with you.

I am going to split up the third bullet point into two that way each of us has something to do.

I will add my part to Steven’s and I can also edit the essay and put it all together…if you want.

If we each have at least 350 words, we can reach 1,400 words which is the minimum words.

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