Module 8 Overview assignment help

Let’s use this week’s discussion to begin brainstorming and sharing ideas about the problem/issue/opportunity for which you’ll explore. If you haven’t already, please read through the Module 8 Overview, which discusses the upcoming course tasks.

Next, what issues, problems, and/or opportunities are you thinking about? Why are these important to your profession? In what ways are they tied to writing? Who (i.e. stakeholders) are interested or invested in the these issues, problems, opportunities? What questions or concerns do you have at this point? What future concerns might you have?

Module 8 Overview:

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to begin framing your professional identity through the About Me Bio and resume drafts( I had posted: shuangshuangni, let’s dig a bit deeper into writing in your profession. For much of the remainder of the semester, you’ll explore a problem, issue, or opportunity in your profession1 that requires writing to create action for resolution. The problem/issue/opportunity on which you choose to focus is up to you, but it should be an issue that impacts a community of stakeholders. In other words, you’ll want to avoid choosing something that is strictly a personal preference. You might, for example, explore the ways in which a new/different approach to case notes might foster a better social worker-client relationship. Or you might examine social media trends and articulate strategies for improved social media marketing.

Ultimately, you will write a proposal that will be included in your Writing in Action portfolio. We’ll discuss proposals in Module 9.

The first steps in this process is to determine the problem/issue/opportunity, identify the stakeholders, complete a reader-centered analysis chart, and consider the project plan.

This module will help you parse out ideas and begin developing the framework for your proposal and ultimately the proposal.

1Profession in this case is broadly defined. It does not necessarily mean the job/position you have now, but, instead, might refer to your field (i.e. social work or business management).

Module Objectives

1. Explore problems/issues/opportunities in your profession

2. Develop an understanding of proposals as a professional genre

3. Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary reader-users, as a community of stakeholders invested in the problem/issue/opportunity you’ve identified.

Module Checklist

1. Read Chapter 12 in Technical Communication Today and complete Reading Response #8

2. Participate in the Week 8 Discussion

3. Complete the Reader-Centered Analysis Chart

You can imitate my friend, use easy words and easy sentences.

response two replies:respond to at least two classmates posts. In your response, which should be approximately 100 words, offer ideas, feedback, suggestions, etc. that will help them advance their ideas.

classmate 1:The issue that I’m thinking of expanding on is that of handicap inmates. This is the biggest issue in local county jails. Alot of jails do not have the budget to make sure that their handicap inmates have the resources and equipment that they need. In Midland County Jail for example, they have one cell that is handicap accessible and is located in the max-security part of the jail even though the inmate might not need max-security and their crime if they did not have a disability would place them in general population. This is an issue for my field because inmates need to have equipment and resources to match their disabilities when they are in jail and its not always fair for the inmate to be stuck in max security if they commit a non-voilent crime. I believe that this might be solved through grant writing. Alot of extra money that local jails receive are received for new resources are given through grants from the government. Governmental agencies such as police departments and jails do alot of grant writing in order to receive the funds to get new equipment and resources for their department. I believe that the stakeholders would be jail wardens, county leaders as well as state leaders. My concern would be being able to find enough evidence to support the claim that is made by correctional officers. This is just a rough idea, and perhaps if I am unable to find suitable information I will try to find a different issue.

classmate 2:There are a few different issues in the business management career I am considering when confronting this assignment. The first one is the matter of being fair to every customer in the business setting. They must be able to feel as though they are being treated as every other customer is or else the professional dealing with them will run into problems. Another one is loyalty to the company the business professional is working for. If the company can take no more customers or something as such and the professional collects the commission when giving the additional business to someone else, it would be considered disloyalty to the company they’re working for. A more common issue within the business environment is the rules and guidelines within the workplace. On one side, there must be rules to protect their employees so there aren’t problems such as sexual harassment and lack of professionalism in the office. On the other hand, the business must government guidelines in order to stay in business and remain ethical. My concern with all of these topics right now is my lack of knowledge and possible incapacities to write enough about them. In addition, I’m not sure if I want to write about these topics but I’m not sure what else I could write about as a business management major. If you have any suggestions, please comment them below!

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