Who won the 2016 presidential election Why What impact did the Electoral College have on the process

Please read the instructions carefully

Please limit yourself to 600 words (minimum of 600 words). You must have three sources to support your writing. There are many excellent articles analyzing your topic.

Be CERTAIN to fully document your sources (i.e., where you got the material you quote from or paraphrase). Cite the information about the sources (such as article name, Web page name, publication name if an online newspaper or magazine, date of publication if available, and the FULL URL address).

Topic: Who won the 2016 presidential election? Why? What impact did the Electoral College have on the process? For the second time in 16 years a candidate won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. Which voters participated—many voters who are qualified and registered to vote did not vote. Why? Which political groups—Hispanics, Anglos, college educated, undereducated, regional, and gender voted? Give a break down of the voter turn out?

Six hundred words.

Three sources.

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