Appositive Exercise english assignment help

Appositive Exercises

Exercise 1 – Noun Phrase Appositives – Sentence Combining

Combine the following sentences using NPAs.

Example: I want to take the painting to the museum for donation. The painting is a Van Gogh.

CORRECT: I want to take the painting, a Van Gogh, to the museum for donation.

  1. The lunch was cheap, served cold, and brought an hour late. The lunch was a bowl of soup.
  1. Maxwell’s car topped fifty miles per hour—but barely. His car was a sleek Corvair.
  1. The student body voted “no” on the resolution even though it would have benefited them explicitly. The student body is a confused group of adults whose only interest in common was the college’s location.
  1. The pilot was stranded for twelve hours inside of his jet. The pilot was a former Air Force mechanic. His jet was a Cessna Skylane.
  1. I want to speak on the important subjects. The important subjects are philosophy, linguistics and chemistry.
  1. After six long years Alec finally achieved his lifelong goal. The goal was a scholarship to a good college.
  1. Even though you’re willing to forfeit the prize, I think you should wait a week or two—until you know you won’t need the money. The prize would be my salary for a whole year.
  1. The bear came to our tent, peeked in, and went on his merry way. The bear was a sleepy grizzly.
  1. Camped around the fire, each of us stared at the night sky. The fire was a glowing source of warmth. The night sky was a bowl full of sparkling stars.
  1. Mrs. Peterson warned us that we would have only one more day to hand in the assignment. Mrs. Peterson is my least favorite teacher.

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