Organization s strategy and Balanced Scorecard management homework help

In a minimum of 3 pages, you will need to do the following:

  • Describe how your organization should appear to your stakeholders in order to succeed financially.
  • Describe how your organization should appear to customers in order to achieve your vision.
  • Describe what business processes that your organization must excel at in order to satisfy both your shareholders and customers.
  • Describe how your organization will sustain your ability to change and improve.
  • How does ethics and ethical issues impact stakeholders and customers? What measures will you employ as CEO to ensure that your organization maintains good ethical practices?
  • Now that you’ve outlined your strategy, click on the following link and use the Excel template to translate your strategy to a balanced scorecard

Balanced Scorecard framework consists of four perspectives:

  • Financial: measures that address profitability growth and revenue, cost reduction, product mix, asset utilization, productivity, and investment strategies.
  • Customer: measures that address customer satisfaction and requirements including customer satisfaction ratings, customer retention, responsiveness and reliability, new customer acquisition, customer profitability, and customer-valued attributes.
  • Internal Business Process: focuses on the most important internal business processes of the company including new product development, quality, flexibility, time-based measures, and innovative elements of processes.
  • Learning and Growth: focuses on the organization’s systems, people, and external environment; this includes enhancing information technology, training and retaining employees, employee safety, and environmental and health sustainability issues.


Rubrics and Balance ScoreCard, AND comapany Description

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