Freedom of religion in businesses assignment help

There are anti-discrimination laws in place which make discrimination illegal in the United States. However, there are some examples of legally sanctioned discrimination. For instance, religious institutions, such as educational institutions, are permitted to deny employment to individuals who are of a differing faith. This legal right to discriminate is sanctioned on a case by case bases, and is uncommon. Most private businesses may not discriminate against their employees or patrons for any reason whatsoever. For example, a bakery owner cannot deny a gay couple the opportunity to purchase a cake even if the sale violates the owner’s religious beliefs.

In response, many states have passed freedom of religion acts. These laws are intended to secure the rights of private business owners to deny products/services if it conflicts with their religious views. Do you agree this should be a right? Why or why not? Where is the balance between personal liberty and legally sanctioned discrimination?

– answer the questions above with in 1 paragraph.

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