The philosophical underpinnings of ethics or ethical frameworks philosophy homework help

The philosophical underpinnings of ethics or ethical frameworks provide professional counselors with a foundation or “roadmap” of how treatment should proceed for a multitude of clients. One set of treatment options or professional behaviors might apply to one segment of your client population. However, that same option or professional behavior might not be appropriate for a different segment of your client population. It is in this way that delivering counseling services requires the successful integration of ethical codes and cultural competence. The ability to differentiate between client needs and adhering to specific ethical codes is essential for providing clients with effective counseling treatment practices. The extent to which certain ethical guidelines are practiced, however, depend on the counselor’s own perception of ethics within the constraints of established ethical codes. It is in this way that personal and professional experiences contribute to individual ethical development and cultural competence.

For this Discussion, consider the historical and philosophical relevance of ethical codes to contemporary practice, specifically in the area of practice that interests you. Then, reflect on how cultural competence and ethics are related.

Post by Day 3 an explanation of the significance of the philosophical underpinnings of ethical codes and why this might be important for you as a future counselor. Then provide your perspective on the evolving connection between cultural competence and ethics.

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