Fall 2016 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business accounting homework help

Dear writer you will need to take a quiz to do this assignment please go to


my user name is: mkann77200 and password: Student2

once you log in click on BLA.303.DIS.B2T01.FA2016: Fall 2016 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
after clicking on that scroll down and click on
Activities and Assignments and next click on the first link Cosmetics Quiz FDA site

thats the quiz take it first after taking the quiz do the assignment here are the instructions for the assignment:

After taking the Cosmetics Quiz at the FDA site, please

  • evaluate your answers
  • identify another consumer product that is regulated (it does not have to be regulated by the FDA)
  • what similarities or inconsistencies are there between the two products
  • do you think regulation is a good thing or bad thing, why or why not?
  • what conclusions can you draw from your analysis

Support your answers with legal concepts from this week’s learning – Be sure to provide in text citation and source information

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