Is addiction physiological or psychological psychology homework help

  • write a 2 page essay answering the question
  • Define the topic and major concepts.
  • Introduce the question and briefly outline what you hope to accomplish in your paper. Finish your first paragraph with a clear thesis statement.

• Explain why the topic is important and interesting.
• Describe the purpose of the research you reviewed (and don’t forget to cite the article.)
• State Thesis

  •  Describe the research findings that you are using to defend your answer (Information is found in the results and discussion sections of the article you selected)

• What have scientists done to begin answering the question?

• Is the research valid?

• How does the research inform us regarding the question you are asking?

• Describe what the implications are of the research you are citing.

• Spend 2-3 paragraphs answering your question using the research you have found as your evidence.

  • Use Citations
  • Conclusions-Draw a final conclusion summarizing the research you have been using to answer your question.

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