What Were They Thinking marketing homework help

In the background materials you had to go through some serious tutorials and book chapters, so for the discussion we’ll try to have some fun. In the 1970s an advertising executive named Gary Dahl became a millionaire by selling the “Pet Rock,” which was nothing more than a small, ordinary rock. Some new product ideas sound ridiculous, but once in a while people get rich off these seemingly ridiculous ideas.

For this discussion, find the most ridiculous product that you can that is currently being sold or marketed. Share the link or article about this product with your classmates. You may be puzzled as to why any company would offer such a product, but try your best to explain what you think the marketing executives at this company were thinking when they introduced this product.

While you should have some fun with this discussion, make sure to use some of the terminology and concepts from the background materials in your posts.

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