vocals and music computer science homework help

for a class, I need to have this audio recording from a scene in the film “V for Vendetta” be separated and made into 2 types of audios: the first being just the vocals, and the second being just the background music/instrumental.

so, just to be specific:

first audio recording: the MALE vocals only. the character from the film “V” giving his speech. anything he says in the audio recording must be kept, and everything else (female vocal from another character in the scene, background music) should be gone.

second audio recording: the BACKGROUND music instrumental only that is being played in the clip. anything else (all vocals, etc) should be wiped out. the music must be heard clearly without any kind of interference at all. like a soundtrack.

both audios must be clear and “perfect”. this kind of thing is pretty much like separating the vocals and instrumental in a song really.

I uploaded the audio in zip file below in a folder. for some reason, if there is trouble, the original link to the scene anyway is here: V for Vendetta – V’s Introductory Monologue

thank you!

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