You will play the role of an MIS consultant for an online grocery store. You will address the necessary information technology needs and projects that the company must undertake to be successful. Make sure to also read the case study “Online Groceries before you begin.

  • Provide a description of the company Browse as a guest and enter this zip code for background information. For Safeway, use – 90210
  • Explain the company’s purpose, mission, and structure.
  • Describe the organization’s system in terms of inputs, processes, and outputs.
  • Describe how the company is organized, its people, and technology features; also, the importance of an MIS system to the company.

Your paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages long. You will need to include a minimum of 2 credible sources for your research, with 1 being an academic source, such as a book or an academic scholarly journal.

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