Emergency Response Plans for Rare and Uncommon Events

Ohio definitely needs an emergency response for any wild animal incidents. I agree with the method of the emergency response plan developed by Franklin County. According to the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (FCCEM&HS) (2017), “the plan describes the roles of law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services and the local health department and how Franklin County will plan and provide resource support before, during and after a dangerous wild animal emergency” (para. 8). Franklin County retains jurisdiction for all wild animal emergencies. When the emergency requires additional resources, FCCEM&HS’s contingency plan involves enlisting the assistance of local reinforcements.

As noted by the Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan (FCEOP) (2013), “if necessary, FCEM&HS will activate the Franklin County Joint Emergency Operations Center (JEOC) to support the incident commander and the overall response” (p. 3). The margin for communication error is significantly reduced when the state can navigate a standardized emergency response plan for each county. According to the FCCEM&HS (2017), as of 2014, the Danger Wild Animal Response Team (DWART) of Franklin County has become the standard for all 80 counties in the state (para. 9). (196 words).

Dangerous Wild Animal Response Plan. (2013). Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan Emergency Support Function – 11. Franklin, OH: Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan. Retrieved from http://fcemhs.com/Portals/0/News/Documents/newslet…

Dangerous Wild Animal Response Team (DWART) Plan. (2017). Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Franklin, OH: Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Retrieved from http://fcemhs.com/Planning/EmergencyOperationsPlan…


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