Constructing a Hypothetical Crime Scene Investigation

For your final Portfolio Project you must put all the pieces of the course together and choose a crime to hypothetically plan out your response to it. This exercise will demonstrate to you the complex process that is involved in creating a crime scene, investigating it, and interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects.

Portfolio Milestone Deliverables

The following deliverables are due before midnight on Sunday of Weeks 2 and 5, respectively:

  • Week 2: Topic Submission (10 points of the Portfolio Project)
  • Week 5: Portfolio Annotated Bibliography (25 points of the Portfolio Project)

Hypothetical Plan

Using primarily the internet, course readings, and other scholarly articles and books, assume the role of a crime scene investigator and criminal profiler and create a document that addresses the following:

  • Choose a crime.
  • Describe how the crime was discovered; the crime location and victim (or victims) should be noted as well.
  • Describe what the investigator should do upon arriving at the scene. What observations are made at the crime scene?
  • Discuss your interview plans for the victim(s), witness(es), and suspect(s).
  • What evidence will you collect? How? And why would this evidence be collected (what is the significance of the evidence to the case)?


Write a 7- to 8-page paper, not including the title and references page, formatted per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. It must cite a minimum of seven peer-reviewed/professional sources.Wikipedia and Cliff Notes are unacceptable resources, for example, as are blogs, newspaper articles, and editorials. You are encouraged (but not required) to use civil and criminal cases.

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