FOR__ Respect writer Healthcare Administration

Assignment Requirements

There is a discussion of how the public health pioneer impacted the advancement of public health.


The cause he/she pursued in an effort to advance public health (a particular disease, public health policy, social/behavioral change, etc.).


Some of the steps and methods this person took to advance public health (develop a vaccine; develop a sanitation system; complete experiments to prove public health theories, etc.), including experiments, policy, laws, etc. that were completed or passed.


The overall impact this person had in the field of public health.


A list of some obstacles, barriers or ethical dilemmas that was overcome in the process.


A list of at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that you plan to use in your paper.




Approved Public Heath Figures: choose one person to write about


Epidemiology, vaccines and disease:

John Snow – Father of Epidemiology

Ignaz Semmelweis – Went insane trying to prove sanitation through hand washing.

Robert Koch – Father of Bacteriology

Louis Pasteur – Pasteurization and some vaccines

Edward Jenner – Smallpox vaccine

Dr. Jonas Salk – Polio vaccine

Alexander Fleming – Penicillin

Charles R Drew – Blood transfusions


APA FORMAT more than 350 words


attached example


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