Neuroscience and Behavior





[NOTE: Make sure to incorporate what you have learned from the chapter in your responses to the questions below. The grading of your responses to the questions below will, in part, be based on how much of the material in the chapter you incorporate in your answers. You are REQUIRED to answer ALL questions posted. Please do NOT answer each question in separate postings. Answer all questions below in one posting only (Nearly 500 words). ] 

1. Neuroscience has made great strides in explaining behavior by studying the brain. Psychology is one of the several disciplines within this interdisciplinary field. Neuroscientists are guided by the assumption that “everything the brain does is ultimately explainable by biological and chemical events taking place within it, either throughout the entire brain or in a particular region”. Do you think there are certain behaviors and mental processes that neuroscientists may not be able to sufficiently explain today or in the future? Clearly share your thoughts about this assumption. 


2. Click this link – When you get to the webpage, scroll down a bit and click the “VoD” link to the right of the program description for video #3 called “The Behaving Brain” and video #4 called “The Responsive Brain”. Each video is about watch this 26-minutes in length. Point out which part of either video you found most interesting or intriguing? Explain your answer. 

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