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  1During a recent visit to Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center towers in New York City, I experienced a range of emotions. 2Initially, I felt a bit guilty. 3I had lost no loved ones; I was there only because of curiosity. 4Nevertheless, I proceeded to the platform to view the area. 5I was saddened as I viewed the stacks of cards and flowers left by previous visitors. 6I noticed the construction going on below, and I began to reflect on how such a tragedy could have happened. 7How could people be so cruel? 8Why couldn’t this have been prevented? 9I found myself growing angry as I thought of the orphaned children and grieving husbands and wives. 10My last glimpse was up at the space that the towers previously occupied. 11The emptiness in the sky created a similar emptiness inside me. 12I began to cry, a long, cleansing cry that would not cease until I was completely exhausted.

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