scie207-1402 cyctology lab MUSE lab Unit 2

this assignment has to been used with the MUSE lab for this assignment. Only if you are fimiliar with this or done it then i don’t think you can do it but if you can then let me know. I need the template completly done so that I can submit it. So before you ask for a handshake please take the time to see if you can do it. I can not provide access to this MUSE lab because it is with my school AIU online.





Student Instructions

For each assignment, you will use the M.U.S.E. link to complete the lab.

In this lab, you will observe diagrams showing the structure of plant and animal cells. Using the textbook and virtual library resources, fill in the tables.

Cytology Lab

Using the M.U.S.E. link, review the background information and animation to complete your report. Use the Lab 2 worksheet to complete the tables.

This lab will familiarize you with the basic structures of animal and plant cells. You must thoroughly study the cell diagrams and memorize the major structures of cells as well as the function of each cellular part.

Your lab report will consist of the completed tables.

Click here for directions to M.U.S.E. lab.

Please submit your completed assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials



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