Discussion 1 and Discussion 2 post


Early Childhood Development and Curriculum

Select an age group of young children (0-2, 3-5, 6-8). Using your text and at least one additional resource, describe how developmental characteristics of this group influence curriculum decisions to best meet their needs and interests.  Be sure to address the following areas of development: Physical, Socio-Emotional, and Cognitive.  Within your response, give two to three examples of what surprised you and what confirmed your personal observations.  In addition, complete the interactive game below that reviews accommodations for students with special needs and include ideas in your post that apply to the age group you suggested.  Your initial discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

Growing and Learning

Watch the five-minute video, Growing and Learning in Preschool.  This video illustrates essential features of a high-quality preschool program.  Discuss the following questions: How can preschool curricula, based on solid research, build school- and life-related skills?  Why are well-qualified teachers important?  How is play integrated into learning?  Your initial discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

Working with Families

Review the Six Types of Involvement: Keys to Successful Partnerships from the National Network of Partnership Schools.  Using the terminology from this model, describe the kinds of parent and community involvement you have observed in schools or child care centers where you have worked, volunteered, or attended.  If you do not have this kind of experience, visit the websites of several local child care centers and summarize the information about parent involvement that the centers have included.  Also describe how these schools or centers could improve their level and type of parent and community involvement based on the NNPS model.  Your initial discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

Environments That Reflect Our Values and Beliefs

“Every environment implies a set of values or beliefs about the people who use the space and the activities that take place there….each environment also influences the people who use it in subtle or dramatic ways” (Jaruszewicz, page 10).

In Week One you discussed a teaching philosophy and curriculum which most closely matched your own teaching philosophy.  This discussion question will expand on these ideas and focus on the classroom environment.  Watch each of the following videos:

  1. Montessori approach: Developmental Stages
  2. Reggio Emilia approach: Reggio Approach
  3. Waldorf approach: Waldorf’s Integrated Way of Learning

Pay particular attention to each classroom environment.  Choose one approach that you identify with most (it may be the same or different from the approach you discussed in Week One).  Utilizing the text and at least one additional resource, please discuss specific values and beliefs of the teaching philosophy/approach you selected, and explain how these values and beliefs are reflected in the classroom environment design.  Expand on how the classroom environment design supports the teaching philosophy and curriculum.  What elements would you identify as especially important for you to include when implementing this teaching philosophy and curriculum?   Your initial discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.


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