Introduction to Health Policy and Politics

Be clear and concise in your answer. Limit yourself to 5 pages. BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES!

 A: Consider Down’s issue-attention cycle, and choose a policy you feel followed this cycle. Describe:

1. The policy you chose, including the outcome of the policy.

2. How your chosen policy followed the issue-attention cycle.

3. Your opinion on why the policy followed this cycle and why the policy outcome occurred.

4. What you believe could have been done to improve upon the policy/policy outcome.


 B: The policy process has been described in many ways. Which description resonates with you? Think about that description, and answer the following:

1. What is this description? (Describe that particular policy process)

2. Why does this description resonate with you?

3. What, do you believe, is (or should be) the role of the public health professional in this description?


C: The United States has a distinct political and social culture.

1. Describe this culture, and

2. Discuss how it affects the creation and implementation of health policy.

3. Use a particular policy as an example to highlight your discussion.


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