Interpreting Gospel Passages

Read and review Duvall and Hays, Journey into God’s Word: Your Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible, page 108. This passage lists two interpretive questions for application to Gospel passages. In order to complete the requirements for Project 1, you must apply these two interpretive questions to Matthew 24:43–25:13.

In good essay style, answer both questions outlined below in at least 4–6 paragraphs (300–400 words). 

  1. What does this small story tell us about Jesus? Try to discover the central message of this story, and then write it out. Read the stories before and after the text you chose and write out their main messages.
  2. What is the Gospel writer trying to say to his readers by the way he puts the smaller stories together? Try to discover what the 3 stories have in common. Write out a paragraph showing the connections between all three stories.

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