Unit 8: Unit 8: Financial Decision-making in Your Field – Discussion

“I attend professional conferences and meetings whenever possible to keep my knowledge and skills current. I read trade magazines; carry them in my car to read during down times so I can keep abreast of trends, issues, and new rules and regulations.”

– Andrea L. Lee, DPA A. Lee, Professional Questionnaire, November 28, 2012 

Learning is a lifelong process. There are many ways that you can earn credit, certification, and knowledge in your field. It does not have to be something as time consuming as a degree. Something as simple as attending a company workshop also counts as professional development. Your employer may offer options for you to participate in trainings. Educational materials are also available through professional organizations and conferences. 


Discuss at least three ways that you can gain additional knowledge within your field that will not be a large financial burden on you.

( Dental Assistant) 100 words or more apa with references


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