week 2 DB

PART I: In this week’s introduction, you learned about magical amulets and elixirs. Consider the power of these helpful amulets and elixirs as you learn about the KIPP program, a school program centered on providing a robust education to students, no matter their past academic performance or socioeconomic situation. Watch and enjoy the results of this journey! 

 to access this powerful video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-4WFMI0WUw

For Part I of the Discussion, identify a charitable or volunteer organization other than KIPP that provides help to people in need of support. Once you identify this organization, write a short paragraph that informs us about this group. Be sure to: 


  • Summarize the group’s goals and programs.
  • Explain/Illustrate how this organization could be an “elixir” or “amulet” to one person’s life.
  • Explain why you would like to help this organization out and why others might want to do the same.

Part II: Review the Unit 3 Project instructions. To prepare for the upcoming Unit 3 Project, list at least 2-3 people you know who are courageous and why they might be courageous. Select from that list the one person that you will write about in your upcoming unit 3 Project. Post a preliminary thesis about this person, indicating in one clear sentence one event in this person’s life where he or she was courageous and how this person was courageous in that event. 

When you respond to at least two classmates, be sure to go beyond simple agreement or praise. Offer suggestions for strengthening the topic idea and thesis. Add to what your classmates have already written. Ask questions. Engage in debate. Remember that responses that merely congratulate and praise do not earn credit. Use KU Guide reading assignment material to help you strengthen your posts as well. Aim for at least 150 words in your initial Discussion and around 100 words each for your responses to classmates. 

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