unit 4 DB Decision Making and Communication

Yesterday, you received an e-mail from one of your subordinates that was also sent out to everyone in the department. The e-mail hinted that people from a certain geographic region were not as smart as those from other regions. Today, you receive the following e-mail from Walter:

Subject: Was I Wrong?

I am receiving many e-mails from our colleagues stating how they are offended by the e-mail I sent out yesterday. I thought it was funny, and evidently, others just can’t take a joke. So far, I have refused to respond to any of their e-mails, hoping that by ignoring them, they would let it go. But now, I am wondering if I should apologize. What do you think?

In your Discussion Board post, including the following:

  • Was your subordinate wrong?
  • Should he apologize? If so, how should this be done? If not, why not?
  • What advice would you provide this person to prevent the situation from happening again?

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