Assignment Health

The issues surrounding the politics of food and fat are numerous; government responsibility versus individual responsibility; free enterprise versus federal regulation; industrial profits versus public health.

The debate is made more difficult as the media, influenced by the enormous revenue it derives from corporate advertising, often treats the issue in a sarcastic or cynical fashion: “it’s all about greedy lawyers”, “a sue-happy culture”, or “irresponsible consumers”.

Yet, is there more to the food/fat issue than is suggested by the media. 


When it deals with the American food supply… I’m curious…
  • Where do we draw the line between personal responsibility and government responsibility?
  • Do you feel the “courts” have a role to play in the obesity epidemic in America?  (i.e. should food manufacturers be held legally responsible for personal obesity?)
  • Do you believe that we as consumers determine available food-offerings (i.e. products on grocery store shelves) by what we buy?

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