Your paper should be somewhere between 800-1000 words.


Choose a key trope, cinematic or narrative pattern from a non-American film. Before you begin writing this essay, you should spend significant time watching, describing, interpreting and analyzing the film. You will also need to do research about the cultural context of this film. Describe this element and explain how it works within the film. Interpret this element of the film in terms of the larger film’s narrative and artistic structure. Analyze how this element of the filmmaking connects to the broader cultural context and filmic expression more broadly.Develop an argument that explains how this particular element of the film works within the larger film to accomplish something specific for the viewer.

NOW you’re ready to write your paper. Use the pre-work that you’ve accomplished (above) to write an essay that helps the reader appreciate the ideas you’ve developed. DON’T write about your process of analysis, WRITE ABOUT THE FILM. Be sure to back up your ideas with examples from the film, drawing together cinematic and cultural meanings. 

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