Brainstorming New Program Ideas –

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Utilizing the principles of curriculum design theory we have reviewed this week, share with the class at least two specific ideas for a new program or curriculum at the college level. In your
discussion, describe the focus of the program, possible courses in the program, the intended students, and the likely stakeholders. Discuss the possible goals/needs of those stakeholders.
PART 2: Stakeholder Mind Map
In Microsoft Word, write a 2-3 paragraph summary of the curriculum/program focus you proposed in your discussion this week, no more than 660 words. Describe your program focus, intended delivery
model, and anticipated students. Consider this akin to a program description you might read in a university catalog or brochure. You want to give prospective stakeholders a feel for what your
program is all about. You will want your description to be complete and polished, but it will not be set in stone. It is anticipated that you will go back to your program description to revise and
polish often throughout the course as you further flesh out your program/curriculum plan.
Then, craft a graphic organizer of some sort (mind map, table/chart, for example) that identifies the key stakeholders for this program and the specific needs and goals of each stakeholder that you
will need to keep in mind and address as you design and implement the curriculum. You may insert this graphic/table into the same Word document or you may use any other program to create it and
submit a separate document. Just be certain that the format you submit is one that is supported and readable in the classroom (PDF, jpg, website, etc.). Use APA formatting for your paper, include a
title page, and if applicable, references page.

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