use your own words and at least 250 words

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For this forum, you need to find an example that relates to the concept of “Beethoven everywhere.” It is okay if your example relates to a topic we’ve covered earlier in the semester, such as politics, race, or film, but do not use an example that you’ve shared in the past. Then, post a link to the example in the forum along with an explanation of what the example is and why it’s relevant for thinking about Beethoven as a ubiquitous presence in today’s culture. While you are not required to post and discuss a specifically American usage of Beethoven (you can discuss an example produced anywhere), you are required to relate your example to a specific concept or point discussed in the chapter by Broyles. Using your knowledge of other examples discussed by Broyles, be sure to comment on what your chosen example might connote about Beethoven and why the creator(s) chose to rely on the idea of Beethoven when making it. If you use a direct quotation from Broyles, be sure to put it in quotations marks and include a page number. Failure to do so counts as plagiarism and you will automatically fail the assignment. Don’t post an example that a classmate has already used. I’m looking forward to seeing what each of your finds!

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