User Centred Design Questionnaire

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Reading List:

Chapters 1 and 2 of “The Real World of Technology” by Ursula Franklin.

Chapter 7 of “The Shallows” by Nicholas Carr as well as the Introduction and Chapter 1 of “Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy ONeal.

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AI Now Institute. 20119. AI and Climate Change: How they’re connected and what we can do about it. Online at:

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Jenny O’Dell – How To Do Nothing (excerpt): 

Tim Maughan – Platforms, Creative Communities, and the Need for a Radical Reimagining: 

Barendregt, W., Becker, C., Cheon, E., Clement, A., Reynolds-Cuéllar, P., Schuler, D. and Suchman, L., 2021. Defund Big Tech, Refund Community. Tech Otherwise:

Part B:

1. On balance, would you say social media has been helpful or hurtful to climate scientists who

have tried to use social media to explain their work to a wider audience? Use specific

examples to support your argument.

2. Social media allows governments to collect vast amounts of data about our individual activities and opinions. Law enforcement agencies often argue this is a good thing, as greater surveillance helps to solve crimes and prevent terrorism, and they argue that * “if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear”. On balance, would you support this view, or not? Use examples of first, second and third order effects to support your argument.

3. Facebook has been widely criticized recently for giving political consulting companies such as Cambridge Analytica wide access to Facebook user data. Were Facebook’s actions in this case unethical? Justify your answer with reference to the kinds of data that was shared, and what it was used for.

4. Digital technologies have the potential to greatly reduce the environmental impacts of human activity through dematerialization, because “moving bits is easier than moving atoms” However, in practice, realizing this potential is hard, and switching to digital alternatives may sometimes lead to worse environmental impacts. Using examples of at least three different kinds of human activity, explain why digitization is sometimes better, and sometimes worse. For which kinds of activity do you expect digitization to provide the biggest environmental benefits?

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