Write 2 pages thesis on the topic gangs & gang behavior. There are varying theories about the existence of gangs. Include to the list the following theories: social disorganization, cultural norms

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic gangs & gang behavior. There are varying theories about the existence of gangs. Include to the list the following theories: social disorganization, cultural norms of the lower class, subculture of violence, routine activities, multiple marginalizations, interactional, reaction formation, differential opportunity, underclass and conflict (Howell, 2012). These theories have varying explanation as to why security threat groups, or gangs, acting in unity to undermine the safety of the public, exist. One familiar security threat group is the Mexican Mafia from California.

Who are they

This group is a criminal prison organization in the US, instituted at first in order to protect the members from other prison gangs. The founder of the gang was a member of Hispanic gang, who was properly oriented and influence by gang warfare. They adhere to the essence of brotherhood, for it is something that could provide them the protection they deserve while they are incarcerated.


It is undeniably true that the gang has been largely affected or influenced by Hispanic culture, because of the orientation of its founder. The founder was a Hispanic, adhering to the principles and cultural beliefs of the Hispanic culture. However, as time goes by, the gang has become home to individuals or members coming from diverse culture. However, each member has the chance to tolerate the set culture for the group.

Where did they start

As stated, the gang was instituted by Hispanic prisoners. The inception of this group was made possible within the four walls of the correction centre that has become home to thousands of inmates of varying criminal records.

Current leadership

On the other hand, it has been noted that the gang is said to have no one presiding leader, but the entire group has the go signal to go for murders and other various criminal activities.

Organization and structure

As time goes by, the gang has been known as the Mexican Mafia, which split into two groups, the other is adhering to the old philosophy of the gang and the other one considers the group as the New Mexican Mafia. The Mexican Mafia, a Hispanic gang, adheres to the value of alliance, due to the existing rivals with other gangs. This is solely for the purpose of protecting the members from other rivals.

By laws and constitution

The gang has important rules to follow. Homosexuality, snitching, cowardly, fighting among members, disrespecting, stealing and interfering are not acceptable to them. There is no formal constitution within the gang, but for as long as the set rules are met, they are all well with their prevailing system.

Blood in blood out

So far, there is no any hint that the gang are blood in and blood out. In fact, as already stated, there were two prevailing groups for the Mexican Mafia. The new existing gang to separate from the original group has given the chance to choose the principles they should follow, without having so much risk about being killed for separating from the gang’s originally adhered principles.


It turns out that anyone of the prisoners can have the chance to become the member, for as long as the laws or the rules that are stated earlier are clearly followed. Aside from this, the group has no substantial high requirements for being part of the group, aside from the fact that each one should protect each member’s interest or welfare.

Criminal activity

The Mexican Mafia has been noted for being notorious within the correctional system of the US. Each member is willing to go for a kill, as far as protecting the welfare is concerned. When push comes to shove, they will never hesitate to kill, and should not wait for a go signal from the higher rank or at least, some of their members.

Allies and rivals

It is noted that the Mexican Mafia has become an ally of almost all Hispanic gangs in Southern California. However, there are also its various rivals in the prison system, including but may not be limited to Aryan Brotherhood, Nuestra Familia, Black Guerrilla Family and the Bloods and crips (Abadinsky, 2010. Florida Department of Corrections).


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