Write 2 pages with APA style on Reaction to Crisis questions. Reaction to Crisis Questions BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Reaction to Crisis Questions I once befriended an individual that had probl

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Write 2 pages with APA style on Reaction to Crisis questions. Reaction to Crisis Questions BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Reaction to Crisis Questions I once befriended an individual that had problems with alcohol and was being subject to domestic violence classes that were mandated by state authorities. During the course of our friendship, this individual’s self-control was obviously maladjusted, leading to spontaneous outbursts. It became increasingly clear that this individual lacked obedience, emotional intelligence, and understanding of common and accepted social behaviors.

During the course of this rather nightmarish scenario, I was able to create a positive situation from a very negative set of circumstances. First, I was reminded of the virtue of patience and seeking not to engage the individual under any circumstances, both light-hearted or involving maladjusted, juvenile behaviors. What this situation created was an opportunity for me to use more efficient planning and strategy development to determine the most appropriate and worthwhile course of action. This has many opportunities in the future, including better time management and also establishing appropriate obedience systems. “Adversity helps us put things in perspective” (Grohol, 2013, p.2). This has many implications for future management practice.

Passive-aggressiveness is generally my most useful tactic to counter adversity, maintaining a thoughtful and tranquil posture while also using appropriate body language or sarcastic language to express shame or disgrace. I learned after examining many models of communication that the situation involving the maladjusted individual, as one example, that much of this was just noise that complicated the decoding process. Though not all researchers and sociological experts would agree that this is a positive strategy for countering adversity, it does prevent a violent response that is unwarranted in most circumstances.

When appropriate, I also rely on public support to assist in countering adversity. Not all adversity comes through social conflict, but can also manifest itself in business, such as having subordinates performing negative practices that go against leader-established policies. In an organizational model, sometimes the ethical climate of culture will provide public assistance to combat those who can severely disrupt the lives or economics of important stakeholders. By providing meaningful feedback and precise evidence, public support (while also fulfilling needs for social belonging) can assist in rallying support against an improper entity or organization.

When considering personal resilience, I believe myself superior in this facet, able to endure adversity, cope effectively with negative behaviors from others, and simply let the conflict matter avoid hindering personal growth and prosperity. Some in society that are disliked by others, as one example, allow this to affect their self-esteem or potentially even security. I have found that conflict, no matter what its form, can be successfully overcome through patience and quiet self-reliance without losing track of personal goals and ambitions. Those in society who must have the social approval of others would appear to maintain distorted (or even immature) value systems, especially when the position of the resilient individual is, without question, correct. A resilient person is able to shrug off these negative social attacks and continue ever-forward with their prominent agenda. A resilient individual believes in their own strengths (Parker, 2010).


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