Write 2 pages with APA style on The True Story of the Americas after Columbus. Reflection Reaction When Worlds Collide: The True Story of the Americas after Columbus Introduction The present world tha

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Write 2 pages with APA style on The True Story of the Americas after Columbus. Reflection Reaction When Worlds Collide: The True Story of the Americas after Columbus Introduction The present world that people enjoy nowadays has a long history. while many people enjoy the great developments that continue to enhance their social and economic dimensions of life, much remains to be learned from history about how all this came to be. Many countries did not have many advancements as those in Europe and the United States among other places. However, some had powerful leadership structures and systems that made them grow and expand, fighting other groups of people and increasing their territories.

The story of the present-day spent is very different and unique, according to history. Spain was a cosmopolitan and magnificent land back in the Middle Ages. In fact, the country is recorded to have been wealthy and dominated by the Islamic culture at that time. in addition, the country also had large populations of the Jewish people that were prevalent in Europe. The Christian and Muslim religions had shared the Iberian Peninsula, which is the current homeland to Portugal and Spain. During this time, it is recorded that these regions enjoyed relative peace and calm, something that played a role in their wealth and prosperity.


When people live together in peace and understanding, they can do great things that can influence the course of life. This was evident during this time that relative peace and calm characterized these regions. It is believed that the Jewish scholars and their Muslim counterparts collaborated in many things (Hannon 2). For instance, they worked together in the process of compiling great and important works as well as making translations to this information. The same was applied in other disciplines like mathematics, science, and sociology among others.

Assembling the world’s most powerful empire

It is believed that the period during and after 1469, saw Spain begin to make important and bold advances towards building its empire. During this period, Ferdinand and Isabella were united as king and Queen setting the pace for these developments. It is believed that the union of these two people led to the union of Aragon and Castle, which were the most powerful kingdoms at that time (Moore 1).

The support for Columbus by these rules played an essential role in bringing many kingdoms under the Spanish rule. Columbus and other American possession remained under the custody and check of the Spanish rule and were passed to Charles I, who was the grandson of Ferdinand after his death in 1519 (Moore 3). Charles was very famous, history records that by this time, he had already conquered vast lands including Luxembourg, eastern France, the Netherlands Austria, and many other parts of Germany.


During this time, America was very weak, lacking the military might that would have made it withstand the Spanish influence. It is believed that as war-ravaged in most of the European countries, Spain managed to pull down two of the world’s new empires at that time, that is, Mexicas and Incas. In this process, it managed to claim large areas of South and Central America, bringing them under their influence. It is believed that during the reign of Charles I, America came to be conquered and colonized by Spain, until later when other nations started getting their way in the vast land.


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