Write 3 pages with APA style on Hofstedes ross-ultural Dimensions in Construction Projects.

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Write 3 pages with APA style on Hofstedes ross-ultural Dimensions in Construction Projects. Four cultural dimensions not only help to analyze cultures of different nations but also help in analyzing the impact of such cultural differences on management and organization (Pheng and Yuquan, 2002).

Leaders and their leadership styles play a major role in sustaining the organizational culture. It can be noted that both management and leadership had their own domains. Leadership involves transformations, guiding people, creating strategies and visions, predicting the future and motivating the staff. The styles discussed in the situational leadership model are adapted by the leaders at different times depending on the condition of their followers. Developing leadership and managerial skill within a person is much of a challenge since it involves a great amount of communication. It can help put into practice the strategies and visions of an organization. It was pointed out that management and leadership concepts are different from each other since leadership focuses on adjusting with change and management focuses on adjusting with complexity (Legnini, 1994).

Along with the leadership and managerial aspects, it is significant on the part of the organization to bring about the necessary changes by the means of artifacts. An organizational change could be achieved at different levels of the firm, even at an entire lower level. Organizational outline requires not to descend from the top yet might develop through, from the endeavors of individuals all around the organization who are the part of the organizational culture and the change. Change is a vital part of an organization since change is constant and if an organization stops adapting with the changing environment, it becomes obsolete. The organizational culture can be disseminated and grown by incorporating it into the artifacts of the firm. The artifacts can be informational objects, physical objects and intangible artifacts (Burns, L. and et. Al., 2011). While people external and internal to the firm experience these artifacts, they simultaneously experience the organization’s culture. Now when the organization thinks of adapting changes it becomes necessary for them to bring changes within the artifacts. For instance, while modernizing the work culture an organization might start with replacing the old computers with sleek and colorful laptops. These create mental preparation within the employees about the changes taking place within the organizational culture and thus change becomes easy to accept.

Thus it is evident from the entire report that culture plays a major role in affecting the overall performance of an organization. The culture of an organization is entirely based on the diversity of the employees working there. The race, creed, language, religion, gender and even age can set the culture of the organization. Moreover, when the managers wish to introduce changes in the organizational culture they focus on the artifacts present there. To a great extent, the artifacts build the perception of the employees as well as the other stakeholders about the culture of the firm. The artifacts, in general, refer to the objects and pieces of equipment used within the environment of the organization. The transformation in the artifacts and their features plays a significant role in introducing the desired change within the organizational culture. Therefore it can be concluded that while incorporating changes within the functioning of the organization it is necessary on the part of the manager to incorporate similar changes within the nature of artifacts chosen for the organization.

Critique 1

As per the discussion by my classmate Andrew, Culture is something that is inborn to a person. Thus organizational culture implies something that is visible to the outside world. It is the means for transmitting the image of the firm to the external world. Culture is the constant behavior that can be observed within the organization. Culture of the organization is dependent on the values of the firm. Culture is also determined by symbols and languages. Culture must allow the employees of the organization to interact with each other rather than posing as a barrier for them. A friendly culture will encourage creativity and innovation in work. The cooperation and communication among members also play a pertinent role in determining the organizational culture. The artifacts used within the organization affects its culture and the employee’s behavior to a great extent.

Critique 2

The report by my classmate Shayla states that culture is the reflection of the leader’s activities within the organization. Leaders are the ones who influence the behavior of employees. Teaching each and every employee the common value of the organization is difficult and therefore the leaders play a vital role in establishing a common goal for them. It is essential for the leader to show passion for their organization. The leader’s guidance helps the employees to take up the role of future leaders. A leader also facilitates organizational change. Since change involves a good deal of time, thus it’s the leader’s task to implement it within the base of the firm. The culture of the firm brings the employees together. Though culture is usually inborn, still it can be learned. Thus the leaders make the employees involved and attached to the organizational culture. The artifacts symbolize the culture of the firm and therefore these should be chosen and placed carefully under the strict supervision of the leader.

I totally agree with the views of both my classmates and I truly believe that the leaders are responsible for establishing the culture of an organization as well as for promoting change with the help of artifacts.


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