Write 5 pages thesis on the topic leadership and management hierarchy of fire profession.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic leadership and management hierarchy of fire profession. Apart from his hard work, Mr. Murdoch has been particularly phenomenal when it comes to the exhibition of great leadership traits and characteristics that can be replicated in any public and private service, including the fire and emergency service. Some of these characteristics and traits have been discussed below.

As a global leader whose work field of work has focused on finding news for the public, Mr. Murdoch has been identified to be a very good seeker who leads his outfit to go to every extent to find news as they unfold. It is for this reason that News Corporation has mostly been ranked as one of the best in America (Barnacle, 2006). Writing on leadership traits and characteristics, George (2010) noted that leaders act as the directional heads of their organizations, who take a step for all the others to follow. Consequently, the need to be a seeker who always searches for the most applicable and useful strategies that can be used by the company has been recommended. Leaders who are seekers can indeed be very good pacesetters who can guarantee that they will lead their organizations safely to their goals without facing any challenges. This is because before asking the follower to take any step this leader might have first sought to be convinced of the step being taken.

There is no denying the fact that the fire and emergency service could also apply this characteristics and trait of being seekers for the betterment of the organization. Like the News Corporation’s work, the fire and emergency service deals so much with promptness and forecasting. In the world of the media, broadcasting delayed news could be as worthless as not broadcasting it at all. Because of this, media practitioners who have seekers like Mr. Murdoch have always focused on breaking news first. In the same way, delaying with fire, rescue and other emergency support could be regarded as worthless.


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