Write 5 pages thesis on the topic relationship between an older brother and sister.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic relationship between an older brother and sister. Studies suggest that the first-born child tends to be authoritative and lead the activity of the later-borns (J Rank, 2007). They are more prone to engage in positive and negative social behaviors. Hence, when boys are older than the sister, the same role complex would persist. The first-born is mostly hostile towards the younger sister and there are stories of how badly the younger sister has been treated. At the same time, the three-year-old sister gets an opportunity to explore new territory in the company of the older brother. Even at this age, the brother is protective towards the younger sister and starts acting as the leader or guide. At the same time, the older brother tends to bully the younger sister from early childhood. If the spacing between the two siblings is more, say five years or more, the older brother starts seeing himself as the father figure as they reach adolescence. The older brother also serves as the model for cultural and social behaviors.

During infancy and early childhood, boys, regardless of their birth-position are aggressive towards their siblings irrespective of the gender of the sibling (Aguilar, 2001). The younger sisters of antisocial boys or even non-aggressive older brothers are likely to have a higher number of problems such as academic and behavior problems, and smoking and using drugs. These sisters are at an increased risk for later social and psychological adjustment problems. According to Freud, a sister’s hostility to her older brother can lead to homosexual love objects by transformation of hate into love (Brown, 1998).

In the older-brother younger sister role relationship incest is very common. This can have harmful effects on the sister’s adult life. These include lowered sexual self-esteem, fear of sexual assault, difficulties in sexual relationships, depression, guilt, and repeated victimization and suicide attempts (Laviola, 1989).&nbsp.


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